WhatsApp Business Now Supports Cover Photo & Self Messaging

To improve their services' quality and make them more user-friendly, WhatsApp, the most popular mobile messaging application, has recently added two new features.

The new features let WhatsApp Business users upload cover photos to advertise their company and offer all WhatsApp users the ability to send messages directly to themselves.

WhatsApp Business Cover Photo, WhatsApp Cover Photo

Upload Cover Photo

The instant messaging app WhatsApp initially announced that it was working on a new feature that would allow its Business users to upload cover pictures to their WhatsApp profile in February 2022.

The cover photo feature lets WhatsApp Business users add an image as a background photo. This feature, which has some resemblances to Facebook's popular design of profiles, is created to help businesses improve their profile's appearance or provide more information about their brand.

With this new feature, any time your clients or other businesses visit your page, they will be able to view your cover photo and get more details about your company.

How to add Cover photo to WhatsApp Business

  • First, you must download the most current Version of Business Whatsapp
  • Setup and then open your business profile
  • Click Edit on the image that is behind your profile photo
  • Select to upload the cover image you prefer.

Make yourself available for messages.

The feature dubbed "Message Yourself" is the latest mobile messaging app update. With this feature, you'll be able to keep important information in your hands and not worry about missing important events or functions.

The latest features allow users to send self-chat messages and voice notes, photos, videos, files, and documents. Users can also save their self-chat messages at the top of their conversation list in case they don't wish to keep them from being missed or locate them within the chat list.

WhatsApp, on November 29, unveiled the feature via their verified Twitter page, uploading an advertisement video for the new feature. It was accompanied by an accompanying caption "Say to message yourself...

It is now possible to send notes, reminders, inspiration notes, and all the rest to yourself in one simple-to-find location that is synced across all gadgets."

Instructions on how to send a message to yourself

  • Download the most recent version of WhatsApp
  • You can open your WhatsApp and then click on the "new chat" button.
  • You'll see the contact card with your mobile number labeled "Message Yourself."
  • Select the Contact to begin chatting with yourself.

The feature to message yourself is being introduced slowly. It will initially be accessible to select users, and an expanded rollout will follow in the coming days. 

If you cannot access the feature now, it is recommended you wait until the feature becomes available to all users.

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